WORKSafe Nitchem Nitril Gloves

WORKSafe Nitchem Nitril Gloves
100% nitril content offers outstanding combination of strength
and chemical resistance. Superior protection against cuts, snags
abrasions and punctures. Gloves are free from latex proteins
which can cause allergic reactions. Outperforms natural rubber
neoprene and vynil gloves when exposed to solvents, caustics
and animal fats.
 – Chemical processing
 – Food processing
 – Aerospace and automotive degreasing
 – Oil refining and Petrochemicals
 – Chemical handling
Order Informations :
Code Product : 510WSWG37715 S8
Product Descriptions : Flock lined Nitril glove, 15 mm thick,
Length : 33cm, Size : 8,9,10, ; 12 pairs/bag, 12bags/case
Color : Green
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